Meet the Girl Behind the Camera

Laughing, Farming, Details....Get to know the girl behind the camera.


I started this journey with photography a while ago, when I was a kid, you'd find me running around the farm taking pictures of cats. I was the one taking pictures of cats before social media took the cat craze to a whole new level, hah! Anyways, this all was before the days of a true professional camera and before I learned what I was even up to, really! So, it's always fun to flash back, right?! Maybe.

flashback #cows

That little girl loved her animals, and this one does, too! Although I've ditched the cute fountain top for some long curly locks, I'm sure my personality was developed by the stunner outfit and cute hair! Here I am today, a little taller, this time, I seem to hold my camera more often than a cow on a halter. My farming roots still run deep, I love getting home and helping on the farm, working with 4-H kids to lease dairy animals for our county fair. My boyfriend also farms, and my full time job is as a seed salesperson in agriculture. Farming is all around me, and I can't love it any more. It truly made me who I am today. 

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I'll thank my darling older sister, Cait, for her patience as I convinced her to take some new headshots for me. My family is pretty lucky, I follow them around with a camera ;) Some may disagree. 

As I ventured on my photography journey, I knew in college (The U of MN- where I studied AG Communications), it was something I wanted to pursue. Since I shared earlier about my true love of farming, I wasn't sure photography would be a full-time thing for me right now. I sure love when the two cross paths, I've gotten clients over the years looking for farm pictures or their company is involved in agriculture. It's been fun! 

I've upgraded equipment again and again and it's kind of like an expensive shoe collection, it keeps growing! My first career out of college lead me to Des Moines, Iowa. Before I moved there, I'd never shot a wedding before. I honestly hit the jackpot in some amazing friends, one of the sisters I worked with, the other a professional wedding photographer. I'm a big believer in that the places you go and the people you meet are just part of the bigger plan. That is so true here! Brooke, over at Brooke Pavel Photography, had me come along to work with her and second shoot my very first wedding. She's a star, a talent, a great friend and I thank her endlessly for starting my "love of weddings." 

#headshot #stephanielynnphotography #weddingphotographer

From there, I shot more weddings with her, began shooting on my own, and am in my 2nd year of wedding photography! I still help her out in the summer and fall, in addition to my booked weddings. I think my love of details, wedding dresses and people brought me to love wedding photography. You see, I was "that kid" who talked to everyone my parents knew, random people as they passed by in the grocery store, and that trend has continued. I love meeting people, which is probably why a sales job suits me, too. When I meet wedding clients, they become friends. I get to know every intimate detail about their day and help them plan timelines. Being a part of their day is really an honor, because they chose ME to be there with them, on one of the most monumental days in their beautiful lives! There's a little about me, I'd love to hear more about you, head on over to contact me


#headshot #stephanielynnphotography #weddingphotographer