Jenna + Joe | Married-Oak View Events - Owatonna, MN

You know those people you come across in life who are just REAL and GENUINE and there’s just no other way to put it. That’s Jenna + Joe….don’t forget their friends, too! These two are the most dynamic, smiling, laughter-filled couple. Who happens to have quite the #bridetribe and #groomtribe making it an excellent crew! I’d love to tell you when I first met Jenna….but being from only a couple towns away it was probably when we had awesome 90’s style haircuts and showed 4-H at the county fair or played 4-H softball. Hey, we’ve come a long way!!

How she met Joe (as her dad describes it) is a little more interesting. You see, Joe was working for a local co-op. One in which Jenna’s dad happened to be somewhat of his “supervisor” you could say. Jenna was away at college and Joe just happened to mentioned he was planning to attend…..the SAME college. Now, her dad was prrreeetttyyy clear that he should “steer clear” of his daughter. whoops- shouldn’t have said that, Rodney! Well they met one night, definitely sent a selfie to her dad and the rest is history.

In all trueness, these two are some amazing people who truly found that person in their life who makes them BETTER. Their relationship, bound and built by God is one that I can’t wait to see flourish.

For the fun stuff—you have to check out their photos (swoon)! ….

p.s I’m back from my blog breakup….I think it’s nearly been 10 months. I’m going to do better. (that’s now in writing)….it’s a little harder than it looks y’all? (hah!)


dress: effie’s bridal trunk

floral: rennings floral

decorator: everly lace

venue: oak view events